Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an upfront payment like a setup fee?

Nope! The only thing you initially have to pay to get started is your first months rent!

Is there a contract or commitment I have to make?

Nope! You can cancel at any time. But just keep in mind if you decide to cancel or not pay for any reason then the site will be taken down. If this happens and you would like to rent the site again there will be an extra $50 setup fee.

Do you cover the maintenance?

Yes! Generally our sites have minimal maintenance as it is, but with renting whatever maintenance that might come up we will take care of for you. Note: This does not include if you want changes made after the initial set up.

What if I want to make changes after the inital set up?

If you need minor changes made we periodically can go in and make those quick changes for you at no extra charge. Example: changes to your business prices, business address, phone number or something else simple. Note: Minor changes are just that, minor changes. This is not a whole site overhaul and does not include changes to design, layout, or anything extensive.

Do I own my site and domain name?

No. By renting a website, you do not own rights to the site and/or the domain name. However, you have the option to purchase the website out right if you choose to do so and either take over or move the website to another hosting provider. Note: If you would like to own your site within the next year you may want to consider using the special financing we have available through paypal. For questions or to learn more contact us at

How can I change from renting my site to owning my site?

If you have decided you would like to own your site rather than rent your site then contact us and we will discuss with you your options for purchasing it.

What if the Rent-A-Site doesn't include everything I need or want on my website, is there and option to add on or purchase more features?

Yes! If you want anything on your Rent-A-Site that is not included (for example a logo design, extra added links, extra pages, etc) then you can add those services. Logo design or graphic design services will need to be paid in full up front. Once they are paid for then there is no extra charge per month for those specific services. If you want any additional features/upgrades the Rent-a-Site payment can be adjusted to include them. Contact us for a quote.

If I buy a logo to add to my website and then cancel my Rent-A-Site, will I lose my logo too?

No! Once you buy a logo design you forever own the copyright to that design. We will use the logo on your site as well as send you the design in a digital format for you to save it to your computer or wherever you wish.

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