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Top 10 Must Haves For Mobile Friendly Website Design

Find out why it is imperative that you have a mobile friendly design for your website and how to get it!

Research shows that more than 70% of people primarily look at websites on their mobile devices rather than on home computers or laptops. That means it is extremely important to have a website that is not only easy to interact with on a mobile device but also beautiful and engaging. With so much less real estate space for your website on a smaller screen, the importance of a mobile friendly design is vital for your business now more than ever. So what makes up a mobile friendly design anyways you may ask?

Below are the TOP 5 MUST HAVES for a website on a tiny screen.

1. Having one - First and foremost, just having a mobile version whether it is friendly or not is vital. You don't want to put all that work and money into having a website just for a mobile web browser to turn people away with a "Page not available on mobile" warning sign!

2. Navigation - It needs to be easy to navigate, with large easily visible and clickable buttons. Essentially, lets just say it needs to be fat finger friendly. ;) Honorable mention: Text size, if they can't easily read it, they wont navigate to it.

3. Layout - Ultimately it needs to be pleasing to look at but layout goes so much deeper than that. No one wants to have to pinch and zoom to read something you have on there. They just won't! Having the right layout and things all fitting where they belong makes the user experience more seamless.

4. Simplicity - This is key! Don't overload someone with design, words, buttons, or anything of that sort. You don't want to leave the viewer confused on where their eyes should go, because they will not stay to look any longer than they have to, and you loose potential business.

5. File size - Mobiles are small computers, emphasis on small. They can't handle the same file sizes as a desktop version. If these aren't optimized for mobile your user will get bogged down with your site loading speed. This could cause frustration and them leaving.

Now for the TOP 5 cold hard facts on WHY it is IMPORTANT:

1. Better Usability - This is a duh.. Let's be honest we are all a little lazy deep down. Nobody is going to stay and look at your page if all they see is a big unorganized jumble of confusion. Not even your momma would want to put in the effort of de-coding your best intentions.

2. Increase Visibility - The better the layout, the easier the usability, the prettier it is to look at, the longer they will stay. You know what that means, more potential to convert them to leads. Plus, the longer they stay the more your brand gets engrained into their consciousness, or so we hope.

3. Faster Loading - When your site is optimized to mobile, it essentially loads a tiny website for a tin device. Not optimized means loading a huge website on a tiny device. Which one do you think loads faster? You're right! Now, it should be easy to see why loading faster is important.

4. Better SEO - SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is prioritized for websites with mobile versions. This is basically a bunch of fancy talk meaning if you have a mobile website then the big dogs like Google will help send people your way before they will for those non-mobile friendly websites.

5. Better For Business - So let's say you have a mobile friendly website and your competition doesn't. Think about that, obviously it will propel you while leaving them in your dust! If it isn't clear by now the importance of having a mobile friendly version then I quit!

SUMMARY: YOU NEED IT!!! And..... when you work with us at PHOENIX DESIGN CO, it is included in your package. Reach people where they are...on the go!

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