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TOP 10 Features For Good Lead-Generating Design

Updated: Jul 12, 2019

Does your designer know how to give you the best lead-generating design?

So there is a really fancy term in the web design world - Lead-Generating design. It's simple enough to understand what it means but why is it important and why do you want it? If you are a business that is paying to have a design firm build your website you need to ask them if they can give you a lead-generating design. As a small business this is vital.

There are different types of websites: infographic, e-commerce, service based, etc. This will play a role in what kind of "lead-generating" design you should request. For example, a business that is only selling one product would be best with a more direct selling method with an obvious call to action button so your clients easily know how to proceed to buy your product. But if you have a business that is more informative let's say a non-profit charity, your lead generation isn't as simple as driving all your clients to click on a button just to give you their information.

You have two extremes, the designer that focuses too much on design and nothing on acquiring leads and the lead zealous webmaster that builds a site focused on nothing more than having to have every person click on that big ugly button they just stuck in the middle of your site. With any site you want the goldilocks design in this scenario. There is a whole market out there for selling sites with "sales funnels" and sites plastered with "call to action" buttons with minimal thought put into design. What actually works best is a site where both the actual design and lead generating tactics are balanced appropriately for that specific business's needs.

Here are the top 10 features you can add for a well balanced lead-generating design:

1. Forms are added to the pages on your site that get the most traffic.

2. Social media links aren't neglected - leads easily come from these places.

3. Live Chat is added - creates leads when users reach out to your business with questions.

4. Blog posts are added - brings leads organically as people search for relevant content.

5. Use contrasting colors for the call to action buttons and don't have too many of them.

6. Caution is used with pop-ups - leads will quickly disappear if they are annoyed.

7. Something is offered to people for giving their info - coupon code, ebook, updates, etc.

8. Contact info is quickly visible - buttons that make the phone call are the best.

9. Something is offered for free (without subscribing) - Consultation, trial, demo, etc.

10. Thank you pages are added - don't underestimate a thank you for filling out a form.

SUMMARY: Don't just go with the next flashy marketing company that promises you the perfect sales funnel, and a site full of call to action buttons with no intention to actually design. But also watch out for the guys that have no clue what a call to action button is and only focus on deign. If you want help determining the perfect bowl of lead-generating porridge for your business contact us at PHOENIX DESIGN CO. We would love to help you design a beautiful site that is still focused on generating leads for your business!

-PHOENIX DESIGN CO (Sara Stidd - Designer)

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