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5 Reasons You Should Not Build You Own Website

Updated: Jul 12, 2019

Why doing a DIY website isn't the best for your business and who you should hire instead!

Because we hate fluff like the next guy, we're going to get to the point and break it down for you. Here's 5 Reasons why building your own website for your business is a bad idea and why you should just hire a pro.

1. Lack of Professionalism - Let's be frank, shall we. Why do you go to a dentist for a root canal, or hire an electrician to fix a breaker? You obviously know better, there are consequences if you mess up. Well, doing your own site might seem low risk, but for your business's sake, please believe us, it's not!! When you have a low budget looking site (because you did it yourself) people can tell and it's quite obvious. If your website looks cheap, your business looks cheap, simple as that! A cheap looking business doesn't inspire confidence in your potential clients now does it?

2. Lack of Customization - So you think, "It's cool, I'll just use a template." That could work, however we will point back to point one for starters, it looks cheap. Wanna know the fundamental problem with templates? They aren't easily customizable and you might not get what you want, which ultimately should be a website that fits your business esthetic like a glove. If you want your business to blossom it needs to be set free. Don't stifle it with the same boring, generic template that your competition already used.

3. It's not as easy as it looks - We admit it looks easy, but so does pulling a tooth. ;)

It looks easy enough but when you really get involved it is way more complicated than you probably want to deal with. All you might see is the design, which by itself is a monumental task but what are you going to do about all the backend work that needs done? Do you have plans for your SEO, your mobile version, hosting, domain connection, google analytics, etc? (There's plenty more, but we're trying to keep this short.)

4. You might be wasting time - Do what you are efficient at and make the big bucks the best way you have figured out how: BY DOING YOUR OWN JOB! Think about how much money you are losing (not saving) taking your precious working hours doing someone else's job. Not to mention the extra hours you're using up with the learning curve trying to figure out this whole website thing.

5. Bad/No SEO, Mobile Design...etc - You know all those things I listed in number three that I technically classified as "backend"? Well there is a lot of that stuff that needs done, and it actually takes a bit of time to do it and do it right. If you don't take the time to first learn what it is, then learn how to do it, then learn how to do it right... then all that work to build your site is meaningless. Even if you get the design spot on, if you don't have all the backend work on point then people might not even be able to find you online. That would suck now wouldn't it?

SUMMARY: We don't want to be the bearer of less than satisfactory news but we do want to be honest with you. Doing a DIY site is a bad idea. It just is. If you do decide to hire a designer then keep us in mind. We want to help!

-PHOENIX DESIGN CO (Written by Sara Stidd - Designer)

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